Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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A lady with severe pain in her face was diagnosed in the UK with shingles in her eye and the nerve distribution around her eye. Shingles is a very  painful condition anywhere in the body but especially in the eye.

She was prayed for and very quickly everything changed and a visit to the hospital 2 days later showed that the lesions on the cornea of her eye had almost healed therefore removing the risk of her losing her sight in that eye.

She still remained with a huge amount of pain in and around her eye and head so again we prayed against the pain which reduced very quickly and the need to powerful pain killers went. The lady was ‘up and about’ and able to take part in the conference she was attending .

Shingles is normally a very long drawn out and panful disease, especially when it attacks the eye, so the rapid healing of this condition together with the removal of so much pain is indeed a real miracle.

Alice was brought into a meeting in Mutukula in Uganda. It is on the border withTanzania on the west side of Lake Victoria.

Alice was unconscious and could not be woken up, even with strong pinching of her skin..

I prayed that although we did not know what was wrong with her God did and would He sort her problem out. Within minutes I noticed she had gone and asked where was she. “Oh they have taken her to get some food was the reply. Alice then came in and eat her food as if she had never been ill and this photo was taken immediately afterwards, her yellow dress is so recognisable. It was thought Alice may have had cerebral malaria which is often fatal, but God had other ideas. Hallelujah