Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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Revival UK is an Evangelical Christian organisation working with the intention of bringing Bible based Christianity to the people of the United Kingdom. In modern times, in the U.K, there has been a distinct move away from the good news brought to the world by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Christian Gospel has been the origin of much that is considered good in our nation, and formed the basis of society in our “Christian” country.

             The U.K has, at various times and in different parts of the country, been blessed with upsurges in Christian faith and experience. These “revivals” have transformed the lives of people and changed the social structure and outlook of the nation.

In the 21st Century, we live in days when violence and crime are on the increase. More and more peoples’ lives are dominated by the seeking of temporal wealth. Young people grow up with little or no understanding of the love of God, they are often under huge pressure from society to achieve success, and such stress has a degenerative effect on their behaviour. As a result, there is a huge increase in promiscuity among young people, some being children who are beneath the age of consent. The result is unwanted teenage pregnancies, giving rise to emotional damage both in the parents and their babies. As a contrast, many elderly people have become too afraid to go out of their houses at night for the fear of violence. Mental and emotional stress is almost endemic among UK citizens trying to cope with life’s pressures, with many needing medication just to manage their everyday lives.  The truth is that all the work and effort does not bring the joy or happiness intended, but rather a sadness and frustration in many lives

             In the Bible, there is a book of Proverbs written by  King Solomon. In one of the chapters we read, “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to a people”.  Our once great nation has for the most part turned its back on its Christian heritage. It has rejected God and His love available to us through the righteousness of His son Jesus Christ. Humanism, man as the “master of his own life and destiny” is what is pronounced both in word and action by our leaders as they attempt to solve the Nation’s problems through human effort. The rejection of God is the sin the book of Proverbs mentions, and is why our Nation is in such an awful spiritual and moral state.

The Bible, so much read in British homes in previous centuries, is no longer considered as a source of help and comfort. Even many, but happily not all,  clergy in the traditional churches, who call themselves “Christians”, criticise the bible and dismiss its fundamental truths, and yet provide no alternative answers to the needs of the nation. Even the Church resorts to modern day solutions of psychology and various therapies, moving away from the God of the Bible, which states that Jesus Christ is able to meet the needs of all human beings. As a result, the established Church in many ways has become weak and surrounded in

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