Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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These are some photos and videos from, Mike Cadman’s recent visit to Cagayan De Oro on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

It was wonderful to work with Pastors Ale, Jojo and Michael Lapiz in the Bible Study Fellowship in Buntong Camaman-an and with Pastor John Philip Eparwa too.

Mike spoke at the Bibles Study Fellowship's 17th anniversary service, Pastor Jojo’s church in the city and 3 sessions at the ‘Ignite the Fire’ Youth Comp where the youth of 5 local churches came together for worship and ministry.

In addition there was a Couples’ evening at the Grand Caprice Hotel and meetings in Nature Springs’ factory and Golden Summit Immigration Consultancy and a Bible study in the Nqua Family Home

The anniversary meeting with the ministry team. In the right photo.

Pastor Ale praying for the ministry team and on the right the Nqua family with Pastor Ale and Dorothy Lapiz

Ladies group singing, click on the phot to the left to hear then singing

Youth Camp., click in the photos on the left or right to hear them singing

Before the House meeting , very dark inside with little lighting but blessed fellowship.

Mike with the Youth Camp leaders.

Click on the photo to left for the worship from this meeting and  to the right hear one church group sing.

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