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Norman Meeten who is now in his 80s and was a huge blessing to Mike and Sue and many others when in their university days and in house churches in the Liverpool Area has recently given testimony to the Lord healing his neck.

Norman has had problems and severe pain with his neck for many years and particularly since and accident in the Amazon area about 30 years ago. All sorts of treatments have been tried, and prayer too, but recently the Lord spoke to Normal and healed him. Those who heard Norman preach at the recent New life Conference at Rora House in Devon were delighted to see the transformation and so pleased that Norman will more than ever be able to continue to preach the gospel both at home, and very importantly abroad, where so many have been blessed by his ministry over the years.

We thank the Lord Jesus for his goodness to Norman, being aware that Norman has continued despite all the pain but now will be pain free.

Norman testified that ‘faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God’ and that once he had heard from the Lord faith had risen in his heart for the Lord to do the work. Always we need to word of the Lord and when God speaks He does what He promises to do and that is so evident in Norman’s life now. Praise the Lord.


Arrow: Pentagon: These are recent and from the UK. A man in his 60s with 
a back problem since an injury when he was 16 years 
and in the last 5 years having real problems bending and so on. Healed simply through prayer and seen working with freedom as few days afterwards.

This photo and the 2 letters come from Sister Mary, Shewn Paul in Ibadan Nigeria. revivaluk supports her when we can and this last week these testimonies were sent to us. You can read them and if they are too small on the website click in the photos to open the link from the dropbox.

Hallelujah, Our Lord Jesus is working everywhere saving souls and blessing lives. There are no limits to what He can do!