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The Evidence that God has provided 

 Everybody wants evidence for everything.  Drugs and medical treatments are thoroughly tested so doctors can carry out “evidence based” patient care. When serious crimes are committed intense forensic examinations are carried out to look for irrefutable evidence, infallible proof, as to who committed the crime and often how it was committed. The availability of DNA tests can prove who is the father of a child  or who handled the weapon. Fingerprints again can show who touched what. We love evidence, real proof; then everyone can be sure.

Eye witness evidence is also of great value. People love to attend sporting events to witness first-hand what happened, “I know because I was there” is a popular phrase. TV images are shown all over the world of disasters, famines, wars, important events and so on. It is meant to help those who can’t be present to witness what has gone on. We all want to see, “seeing is believing”.

In the Bible, in the gospel of Luke. Luke, was doctor in his day, and used to trying to solve problems, he says this to the friend to whom he wrote.  I write “That you might know the certainty of those things in which you have been instructed”. Luke then goes on to write an account of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; so his friend could be certain. “But that is religion” you may say “no one can be certain about religion”. Well lets look at the evidence. If God is real and true and Jesus Christ is His Son and the things about Jesus are true then God will have provided some pretty good evidence, so we can all be certain.

There was no DNA evidence in 30AD, no fingerprints, no forensic scientists but there were lots of eyewitnesses to tell of what they saw. God was using the best evidence at the time.  Paul the apostle in one of his letters gives a list, for example, of the people who saw Jesus after His resurrection. Lots of them, 400 at one time, and many are alive today Paul says. “Go and ask them and ask me too, I saw Jesus on that journey. I know He is alive and He changed my life”. John and Peter saw Jesus, Thomas did, all the disciples did, Mary did, lots of eyewitnesses. That’s the evidence that courts like.  The basis of what Peter preached in Jerusalem was “God has raised Jesus from the dead and we ARE witnesses, we have seen Him alive”.

But if God is God then surely He can provide even more evidence. Yes He can but it is even better than the evidence than humans can find.  Experts gather evidence after the event. They go round with their swabs, their tweezers taking samples, photographs and so on. How about evidence before the event, experts can’t do that but God did. In the Old Testament

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