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Still more Tracts and Pamphlets for Christians

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A ‘Root of Bitterness’ talks about the problems in Christian lives which cause bitterness and disappointment which defiles, or spoils, many lives.

It provides solutions so that all may live free unto God and bring forth ‘good fruit’.

The most in depth teaching yet looking at the Workmanship of God through Our Lord Jesus Christ and his work on the cross both in individual lives and the life and  operation of the whole church of God.

With all the new Tablets, I Pads Galaxy, Kindle Fire and many more including  ‘Smart phones’ with pdf reader ‘apps’ it is now possible to read pdf files just like a ‘Kindle’ e-book rather than print them off. Try it for yourself .’Aldiko is free for on ‘Google Play’ and works well

This teaching looks at the ways and thoughts of God and how He calculates according to faith and how Christians need to learn the ways in which God works and then be able to apply His methods of calculation in their own lives. Study is around the Greek word logizomai which is translated as account, reckon, count  and think in the New Testament .

This teaching requested by Pastor Joshua Amara in Migori Kenya. He realises the practice of ‘Breaking of Bread’ should not be lost to the church, so this is an exposition of the truth of the practice but seeking to point, as did our Lord Jesus, to the spiritual truth behind the physical practice so that we really ‘remember Him’ and how His death works out in our lives.

Another teaching requested by Pastor Joshua Amara from Migori on Kenya.

It looks at what is really of the Spirit of God in a Christian Life and also in the life and meeting of Christian churches and what is just of the soul and therefore of the natural man.

It shows how to know the difference so that Christians and churches can really be ‘spiritual’ and not carnal and therefore glorify our Lord Jesus.

This teaching was requested by Pastor Ojiambo Frederick, leader of ‘Healing Driven Ministries’ based in Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda.

Its looks the Biblical Truth of Water Baptism and what it really accomplishes and how it should be carried out. The teaching explains what Water Baptism is not and follows some baptisms in Kampala Uganda a few weeks ago which were accompanied by this word.

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‘Mighty Men of Valour’ looks at the qualities of the ‘mighty men in David’s time as king and encourages the same qualities in Christians toady as we fight our ‘spiritual battles’ .

Victory over Death. A look at how Our Lord Jesus provides vitory over death for us all when we believe on Him

Death could not hold Him and as we believe om His we pass from death to live. The strength of death which is sin is broken and we have eternal life