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Still more Tracts and Pamphlets for Christians

Click of the picture to go the tract or pamphlet. These are PDF files  which you can open with Adobe Reader and either read on the screen or print out and read the paper version.

Beware with longer pamphlets to get the pages right although Adobe seems to get them in the right order for ease of printing out. The smaller icon is for the text only version the larger icon for the booklet.

A talk on Christian Parenting first given at a Christian School in Buyaga near Mbale Uganda and now written down,

Thanks to Joseph and Esther Kunikina the school founders for the idea and their support.

This comprehensive teaching on marriage and the relationships with marriage was written at the request of Sister Mary who works with Students in the University in Ibadan ,Nigeria.

It  provides a Biblical basis for way in which physical relations work within a marriage challenging cultural practises looking for the true love of God to outworked  in a holy relationship.

“Modern Miracles “.A whole account of some of the hundreds of healing miracles seen by the author. These are the most startling and yet all healings which the Lord does, small or great are a real blessing to those who are sick.

The pamphlet is an encouragement for us all to seek the Lord Jesus to be our healer

Resurrection. A teaching on the truth of the resurrection, being the most important event in human history and  encouraging Christians in this wonderful reality in their faith and to be bold in “Giving and account of the hope that is in them”

“The Hearing of Faith”. This teaching looks at real faith which receives in the accounts of the miracles on the Lord Jesus and  identifies true faith which receives. It contrasts true faith with other ideas at large in the church today and encourages us to seek this truth faith.

“Behold my Servant” Looks at how our Lord Jesus served, to show us how we may serve Him. It explores let this mind me in you that was also in Christ Jesus and Jesus taking on Him the “Form of a Servant”.

“Pulling down Strongholds”. Looks at how and why our Lord Jesus had ‘nothing’,  no stronghold, in Him for satan to use to cause Him to sin . It identifies the reasons for strongholds in Christian lives and then  shows how they can be pulled down and the Christian then  live having ‘nothing’ in them either.

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With all the new Tablets, I Pads Galaxy, Kindle Fire and many more including  ‘Smart phones’ with pdf reader ‘apps’ it is now possible to read pdf files just like a ‘Kindle’ e-book rather than print them off. Try it for yourself .’Aldiko is free for on ‘Google Play’ and works well

Part 2 of the difference between soul and spirit looking at the interaction between the 3 parts of the make up of human beings and understanding how sin has spoiled this interaction and how we need Jesus Christ to make us free.