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More Tracts and Pamphlets for Christians

Click of the picture to go the tract or pamphlet. These are PDF files  which you can open with Adobe Reader and either read on the screen or print out and read the paper version.

Beware with longer pamphlets to get the pages right although Adobe seems to get them in the right order for ease of printing out. The smaller icon is for the text only version the larger icon for the booklet.

“In that day you will know”. A teaching based in Jesus wonderful words in John 14 about the coming of the Holy Spirit, another Comforter into the hearts and lives of Christians and what they then should know of their place in Jesus Christ.

“We are not ignorant of his devices”

teaches about how satan works to gain   advantage of the church of Jesus Christ. Advantage comes from coveting so we explore wrong desire and how it operates and how it can be overcome so we live in victory as Christians

Teaching on the amazing things  Jesus Christ accomplished in His days on the earth and in His death in His flesh as an example for us of how to live in His service

A serious look at sin and sins and their consequences in human lives and  why God deals with sin so radically and has made provision for it to be taken away in His Son Jesus Christ

A pamphlet suitable for teaching and evangelism which looks at the arguments for and against evolution and creation and points to Jesus Christ, by whom all things were created as the answer to the dilemma and leading us to God

“Nevertheless not my will but your will be done” An in depth look at the challenges to the Christian and hearing the word of God and doing His will. Looking at the way God can and does speak and the pitfalls of still wanting to fulfil our own ambitions.

Still More teaching. Please

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With all the new Tablets, I Pads Galaxy, Kindle Fire and many more including  ‘Smart phones’ with pdf reader ‘apps’ it is now possible to read pdf files just like a ‘Kindle’ e-book rather than print them off. Try it for yourself .’Aldiko is free for on ‘Google Play’ and works well