Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

Text Box: revivalUK 
Text Box: It has been a huge joy to discover that the website in being used a great deal in other countries other than the United Kingdom.

Already some of the tracts have been translated into Kiswahili and Luo for use in East Africa and work is on going  to translate into Bukusu for work in Western Kenya. The Bukusu Bible was only finally published just over one year ago.

There are plans to translate the tracts and teaching pamphlets into Urdu 
To download A New Testament in Urdu click on this picture
And for an Old Testament on this picture

Both are pdf files which can be read on 
Smart phones and tablets

A good number of testimonies have been received from Nigeria  from those who have come to the Lord Jesus through website tracts and help has been given to provide Bibles for some of these people. Please understand that it is not possible to provide Bibles for everyone who asks as we are a small organistion. We do what we can and have helped many but those we helped at the start need more and we get more requests. Of course you can ask and if the Lord Jesus provides for us we will help you but in most countries Bibles are not too expensive so it may be easier to save up yourself rather than wait for us to help you, It is too expensive to send Bibles from the UK so all we can do is to send money when we have some to the country and people for them to buy Bibles there. They will never come from England.

There has been request for more in depth teaching on various subjects from both East Africa and Nigeria. These teachings have been provided and are also on the website
for the link to the teachings
Text Box: Three of the tracts have been translated for use on Uganda by our dear brother 
Edward Sepuya. Edward thank you.
If you click on the links below the tracts will download for you



Fear Not=


The Evidence God has given=

Obujulizi Katonda Bwa’wade