Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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A call to preach the Gospel

             When William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, saw the need of the poor in parts of this country, he set out to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. He was moved with compassion for their deep spiritual as well as material need and realised that the best, in fact only real, hope for these people was the Lord Jesus. John Wesley, his brother Charles, George Whitfield and others did the same in the eighteenth century believing, as did Booth, that the Christian Gospel was the solution to the Nation’s needs. Mere social intervention, providing material help, they knew was not enough. A change of heart in each person was what was required and they knew that only Jesus Christ could do that.. 


Off they went and great changes were seen in the lives of many. There was the inevitable mockery, abuse, opposition and persecution that comes when men set out really to preach Jesus Christ as Lord, but these men, as have been many others in the history of the United Kingdom, were undaunted, seeing only that they must fulfil their calling. Booth said he and his fellow workers were “Like soldiers going out to do spiritual battle”. They were fighting a war against the sin and degradation of human lives armed only with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Salvation Army eventually was called just that as, the members saw themselves more and more as “Spiritual Soldiers” of Jesus Christ. The hymns of those days were ones like, “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “Soldiers of Christ arise”, inspiring those that worked as they sang of their love for the Lord Jesus and their desire to serve Him.  Those who preached were not ashamed of the Gospel they preached. It had changed their lives and they believed in its power to change any life. 


It worked. Changes were seen in individual lives and also in the social fabric of the Nation. Drunkards, prostitutes, the sad, broken hearted, the rogues and the supposed “good people” saw their sin and saw Jesus Christ as their “Saviour”, their “Redeemer” ,and in receiving Him knew the blessedness of forgiveness and a freedom from their former lifestyle. They also knew God giving them Eternal Life and rejoiced in the faith and hope which they had received. Such was the work that from each “move of God” there are churches all over the world with the name Salvation Army or Methodist showing how far reaching the preaching and ministry became.


Paul the great Apostle said too that he was not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ “For it is the power of God unto salvation for every one that believes”. He knew that faith comes by hearing the word of God, and so preached not about himself but Jesus Christ the Lord, so that those who heard could believe in the Lord Jesus, call on Him and be “saved”. The word “salvation” in the Bible can also mean “Health” and  “Safety”, a saving, a rescuing. So many look for Holistic things in our nation through one means and another. They want something to make them “whole”, complete people, with a purpose and peace in life. “The Lord Jesus makes your whole” was said to one man in the Bible, who immediately recovered from his sickness. So it is with all who call on the Lord Jesus. When they hear the gospel, He makes them whole by removing the