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Text Box: revivalUK 
Speech Bubble: Rectangle: A lady with a sick mother asked us to go and pray for her mother. However the vehicle was damaged and was in for repairs. The daughter was prayed for in place of her mother. The Lord healed her mother as prayer was made. The mum was almost bed ridden and unable to keep food down..
Scroll: Vertical: A young boy in hospital having been attacked and fallen with head injuries ,he was so bad and was  placed in a psychiatric ward. Prayer made just to ask our Father in Heaven to sort it all out.
Scans revealed all was well and the boy started eating and was home and well a few days later.  He had been in hospital for 10ays  with no  improvement prior to prayer being made. 
Flowchart: Alternate Process: In one church 3 ladies were unable to conceive children and are now pregnant within a few weeks after prayer.
In the same meeting a lady with a brain tumour and a lot of pain was healed as was someone who has been unable to smell..
Scroll: Horizontal: More people healed for HIV in Uganda. One lady doubted when she was prayed for and went to be tested and found that she was in fact Then HIV negative. Much joy is now in her life. .

A young girl with an inherited problem with the ducts in her eyes meaning lots of infections was healed after prayer and fasting and has had no more infections since.

Hexagon: A small boy with malaria was healed after prayer in a church in Uganda.
His family became Christians as a result.
Pentagon: On a visit to Jinja in November 09 the founder was asked to pray for a family where the wife had had 7 miscarriages. This year  November 10 the founder was invited to lunch with the family and their new 3 month old baby.

Lady with bad eyesight prayed for in Homa Bay June 2011 now able to resume work as eye sight so improved since prayer

Text Box: In 2014 in Kamuli in Uganda an epileptic lady which had more than one fit every day has not had a fit since November  since being prayed for. That is over 3 months ago. Her witness had brought many to the church. In Jinja a lady who had been damaged in childbirth and told she would take many months to recover and be free of pain was dancing and giving thanks to the Lord the same evening. In June 2014 many healed in Mount Elgon District, at least 3 from cancer

Among many healed in April 2015 was a lady at the New Life Healing Centre in Mbale jumping up and down on the platform having been healed of a bad leg with lots of pain. Also a lady damaged in child birth and therefore with reduced mobility due to the pain and told that it would takes years to recover dancing in the meeting after prayer in the morning.

These testimonies from the pastor from September 2015


1-You prayed for my Wife who had the pain at the knees and she was healed.

2-At the first conference at Mbale you prayed for the young man had the problem with smelling mouth he was healed.

3-You prayed for the women with the back pain all were giving testimonies in the Church about their healing and it was joy in the Church.

4- At marriage conference you prayed for the lady who supposed to be operated because of cancer and now she is Cancer free.

5- Many people who had the problem of pain were healed.

6- You also prayed for men who had the problems with their women at home. They told me that all of them God Has healed their marriages and are reconciled the Church is very happy so they need you there.

Finally a lady in Cagayan de Oro with a bad mouth infection was normal 2 days later after prayer.

Scroll: Vertical: One pastor  with very high blood pressure was prayed fir and had normal blood pressure the net day. A man with an enlarged heart prayed for and totally healed and blessed. Praise the Lord  
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Flowchart: Sequential Access Storage: September 2016 a lady in Nabbongo, Uganda who had a smell in her private parts for 15 years totally healed through simple prayer. Has been back to her doctor who confirms the healing.
Speech Bubble: Rectangle with Corners Rounded: November 2016 
In Nyakashara near Rushere Uganda. 
I lady leaking urine since an operation, instantly healed and this has amazed the local village