Turning the nation back to Jesus Christ


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If you read a New Testament and the account of the Life of Jesus Christ so many miracles involving the healing of sick bodies are mentioned. Most people reject such things as nonsense and dismiss it all out of hand but nevertheless the writings are there and need to be looked at, especially as science does not have all the answers to human problems.


When Jesus was asked who He was He said “The blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk”. He used the miracles He worked as evidence at least, in part, as proof of who He was. The impossible was accomplished through prayer. Once word got around of what Jesus could do many brought their sick relatives to Jesus looking desperately for a cure. Even in our days people go on pilgrimages looking for the same result. In some cultures, healing is sought through witchdoctors and practitioners of the occult. Alternative medicine is now more widely used to find cures for those beyond the help of conventional medicine. Proving that many believe that there are sources of healing beyond conventional treatment. It is important to note that many alternatives are based on occult practices and are very unwise and only lead from one problem to another. In today’s society there are sadly many people with mental health problems, due in part  to the increasing stress of this modern world. There are still no human answers to many of the  needs in minds and bodies. After Jesus’ death His disciples carried on His work and they also saw many healing miracles. The apostles Peter and John ministered to the lame man at the temple gate in Jerusalem and the man walked! They were only too willing to admit that it was not their ability but “Jesus Name through faith in His Name that had made the sick man well”. Jesus had said to them that “they would do greater works than He had done” and so it proved to be.

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