Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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These are some photos and videos from, Mike visit in October to Cagayan De Oro on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

It was wonderful to work  again, with Pastors Ale, Jojo and Michael Lapiz in the Bible Study Fellowship in Buntong Camaman-an. 

We also visited the church of Pastor John Philip Epwara, the first time for a couple of years .

A pastor’s seminar was held in the Mallberry Suites Hotel in the city and Mike ministered on ‘the ministry’

It was good to meet up with other pastors including Pastor Ray Pagarigan

We attended the 11th anniversary service of the Redeemed Church where Pastor Ale’s, brother, ‘Pastor ‘Dodo’ is the pastor.

There was an outreach meeting in ‘Nature Springs’ factory and a Bible study at the very precious Naqua family home.

The Sunday morning meeting at Bible Study Fellowship.

Click on the left photo to hear the worship

On the left the youth from Heaven Bound Ministry Church singing.

On the right John Philip's church

Pastor Ale warning of the dangers of

‘All Souls Day’

On the right Pastor Jojo’s church meeting in

Jollybees’ restaurant. A great place to meet and reach out.

Click on the  photo or the singing

The Pastor’s seminar in the Mallberry

On the right Jeny, from ‘Heaven Bound’ who has a wonderful voice. Click on her photo to hear her sing

The beautiful sea on the way home going towards the airport. Just shows what a wonderful God we have who made the heaven nd the4 earth and yet has new redeemed us by Jesus Christ and given us eternal life.