Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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there are many prophecies, mostly 1000 years before Jesus was born, that tell us where He would be born, what His mother would be like. They tell us that Jesus would work miracles, that He would die on the cross, even exactly what would happen to His clothes when he was crucified. The most amazing thing in the prophecies is that Jesus would rise again from the dead. Sounds unbelievable but they are all fulfilled in the life of Jesus.

A lecturer at a university in the USA when challenged about whether Jesus was the Messiah the Jews were looking for did some research and came up with some amazing statistics.  He calculated that the odds against Jesus being who He says He was and doing what He did are so great they work out to be even greater than the odds quoted in DNA evidence. Yes God has gone one better than DNA, better odds more certainty. Peter preached that David the King was a witness of the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ when he wrote in his Psalm 16 “it was not possible that death should hold Him”. That was a  1000 years before Jesus came. Yes evidence before the event, 1000 years before, then we are dealing with Almighty God and He wants us to be sure.

And there is more evidence too. Each person who believes on Jesus Christ and receives Him as their Lord ,the apostle John tells us “has the witness, or testimony or evidence, in himself. 

That may sound odd but let us look at it closely. John says God has life, eternal life, life that goes on for ever. God has to have that LIFE surely to be God. If He didn’t then He would be human just like us and not much help to us either. John then says “God gave that life to Jesus Christ and when believers receive Jesus into their lives they have that life too. He that has the Son has life, he that does not have the Son does not have life” is what is written. If you have life you have the Son, you have the witness in yourself. Jesus comes and testifies in you, in your heart, that you have eternal life. So every believer becomes a witness too.  So many Christians have lived over the past 2 millennia witnessing to the Lord Jesus, having the evidence in themselves. Lots of good evidence and they all give testimony of Jesus being their Saviour and forgiving their sins.

Can we be sure? Luke believed his friend could be certain. Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles too and says to the same friend “that Jesus was seen alive by many infallible proofs”, totally certain. If the proof of the resurrection of Jesus is so strong based on such good evidence then we can be sure so that we can believe what Jesus says.

If you don’t have Jesus you don’t have life, you may live in your body but that is just existence not life. It is not the life that Jesus promises, eternal life.  Believe the overwhelming evidence, look for yourself into the Bible and read it, it is all there. Receive Jesus Christ by believing on Him and you will have the witness, the evidence in yourself and will know that you have the life that God has promised you and always wanted you to receive from Him.

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