Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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“spiritual sickness” called sin from their lives. Why? Because the gospel, says Paul, reveals the righteousness, “rightness”, of God to those who hear. They are able to trust in God to make them right with Him because all that was wrong with them has been put on to God’s Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus took it out of the way, “He nailed it to His cross”. Its power was taken away in Jesus’ death so that all who come to Him can receive freedom from sin in this life. Jesus also gives them eternal life for the life which is to come. Once the person is free from their sin Jesus enters into them by the Holy Spirit and gives them His ability to live a life pleasing to God on the earth. Everything is changed. It is wonderful. It is the salvation of God!. True wholeness.








Many others have preached the same wonderful truth in our country too. All who old preached did so, because they were not ashamed of what they declared. Today, sadly, much of the Christian Church is ashamed of such radical truth. Many Christians do not see such a power working in their own lives so they have stopped believing it can work for others. The truth, however,  is the power is the same, Jesus is the same today. He just needs us to believe it. Today as much as ever the UK needs this gospel, but if it is to be preached with authority the Christian church needs to be confident and bold about its power. “Judgment must first begin at the House of God”.


The Church needs to ask forgiveness for its doubting and compromise, and again believe in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, the one with the power of God in it. Christians need to see the power in their own lives, then know it is the answer for the Nation and then go and preach it! “Soldiers of Christ arise”, Onward Christian Soldiers” needs to be our “Battle Cry” to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation before it is too late. It is as relevant today as it has ever been. The Gospel has blessed our Nation before and will do so again when the Christians see how great the Gospel of the Lord Jesus is. Then  it will be preached with boldness everywhere and anywhere, so that those who have not heard will hear of the Lord Jesus and be enabled to receive Him. The change in each individual life will start a movement which will affect the social fabric of the whole Nation.

The old hymn says “Like a mighty army moves the Church of God”. May it be so in our generation in the UK.  Be bold Christians”. If God be for us who can be against us/”. If your church would like some encouragement and/or assistance to preach the Gospel, please contact us on contact@revivaluk.org.uk.