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You can use this website to help your own church work and evangelism.

There are a number of tracts and presentations available which can be downloaded and opened using Adobe Reader and printed out*. Some of the tracts are printed in full so that you can read them first to get an idea of what they contain.

The items available will be added to over the next weeks and months, with talks available as MP3 files, and later on even a book about the Lord Jesus, His life and work will become available. All items can be downloaded to help your church. Just go to the relevant page and click on the link to take you to the page where the tract is available and click on the place indicated

There are links to other relevant websites.

If your church would like a visit from revivalUK, to bring the motorhome and do some outreach work in

Or email to contact@revivalUK.org.uk or mcjpbds@gmail.com


New Christians as a result of the outreach work would be encouraged to join your local church. In this way revivalUK is committed to evangelical churches who preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ, to encourage them in their ministry, that the message of the Lord Jesus be promoted in the UK.

* The tracts are A4 size and 2 sided so print one side then the other and fold the tract into 3 for good presentation.