Turning the Nation back to Jesus

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controversy, and has compromised on the truth the U.K. so much needs to hear. There is therefore no strong clear voice or a confident statement of truth declaring the love of Jesus Christ and how He can change lives. A message of such hope is so much required at this time.

             In the 16, 17, 18 and 19th Centuries there were great preachers in our country.  During the sixteenth century Reformation, the Bible was translated into English so that the ‘common’ people could read it. Some carrying out the translation work were persecuted and even executed for their faith and efforts. In the 17th century, George Fox preached up and down the land. In the 18th century John Wesley and George Whitfield travelled the length and breadth of the country to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation. They suffered many times but through their preaching, together with that of Charles Wesley, many thousands of people turned to Jesus Christ and received His salvation in their lives. The nation’s political and social outlook changed, people were blessed. There was suddenly more to life than work and possessions; the Christians had the joy of serving God. Dwight L. Moody, the American Evangelist, spent much time on these shores during the 19th century, preaching the gospel, and again many lives were changed. In the Welsh Revival, early in the 20th century, the local courts closed as there was no crime. The same happened in Lowestoft in the early 1920’s when many people in the town became Christians. It was said that the presence of God was so real that criminality was suppressed. People lived at peace because they had peace with God.

             Revival UK will take the gospel to the nation, bringing the same Good News which is still so relevant today; rather, it is now the only real hope for our country.  Politicians and politics have failed because of the unrighteousness in the hearts of men. Education and Science have not solved our human problems. The answer is not in a tablet but in Jesus Christ Himself.

             He can and will change lives. He will bring joy where there was sorrow, healing where there was sickness, the answer when all else fails. Jesus Christ is the Lord and alone has the power to get to the root of the sin in the hearts of human beings and bring the changes everyone needs. He is the only answer for the UK. He has been rejected in recent years but is ever merciful, willing to forgive us all and bring Christian Revival to the country again.

The great promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit to be poured out on all people was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost, some days after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This promise was fulfilled because of the work of the Lord Jesus, who returned to His Father in heaven to receive the promise and pour out His Spirit. The promise is still available today; “The promise is to them that are far off”. RevivalUK seeks to see many in the United Kingdom receive the promise of God in order that true Christian revival will again return to our land.