Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ


Jesus changed him. He had been born again, he was free from what he was and ‘walked in a newness of life’. This is the same experience that Jesus was telling Nicodemus about, a new spiritual start, a new birth; no need to go back inside your mother but a rather a need to receive Me says the Lord Jesus into your life.


The joy is that this change is available to all of us, when Jesus died on the cross He made this new birth possible for us all. The bible says “God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the whole world to Himself”, a difficult phrase but that is exactly what happened.

How do we receive the Lord Jesus? That is the question maybe that Nicodemus should have asked, possibly wanted to ask in the first place. Maybe he was just too afraid to ask and that’s why he asked the question he did. He obviously realised he needed to change knowing that he was not just good enough in himself. This Jesus he had seen was so different, he had met anyone like Him before.


That is where we all start, by realising that however good, clever, educated, rich, famous and so on we are, or think we are, it is just not good enough. We need Jesus to change us. He is the one with the life, the spiritual life we all need. Nicodemus understood that so he came to Jesus the one person who had the life he needed and wanted.

On another day at the end of a feast time in Israel Jesus shouted out, “If anyone is thirsty”. Crazy, since you would think they had all just gorged themselves and couldn’t be thirsty or hungry for anything. But it is a spiritual thirst, a spiritual hunger. Does everything in this world leave you empty? Jesus said “if you are thirsty come to me and drink”. Jesus was Spirit into our lives. Jesus is the giver. It is  free, come admitting your need, that what you are is just not good enough. The bible calls it repentance, saying sorry for what we have done wrong in our lives and for not trusting God so far, receiving forgiveness from Him and having all the ‘wrongness’ taken away. Then when we are free of all that was against God in our lives, we receive Jesus Christ, we receive the Spirit of God. We are changed, we are born again, we enter the kingdom of God, we see the kingdom of God and suddenly we understand that God has always loved us. He loves us now and we can continue in His love all our lives.


Jesus prayed that the love that God the Father had from Him would be in us. The love that made Jesus what He was in us.

In the end, Jesus says to Nicodemus what has become the most well known verse in the bible “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life “Whosoever” means just that- whosoever will.


You can receive the Lord Jesus today and know the wonderful change in your life that Jesus promised. For a prayer to pray follow the link    PRAYER

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