Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ



That you may say is 2000 years ago anyway, so what value is it to me today and my need? Through the centuries Christians have continued to experience the healing power of God in their lives and those of others. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever is a famous Bible verse indicating that Jesus still has the power today to heal bodies and minds and deal with the incurable.


The writer is his travels in East Africa and to a lesser extent in the UK, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ has seen many similar miracles when people have been prayed for. The blind still see, the lame walk, the deaf hear and so on. Little children with incurable sickle cell blood disease are healed and live normal lives. HIV positive people become HIV negative after prayer, their blood tests prove it. There are many more examples too.

Yes Jesus is the same today and tomorrow and can heal your body and your mental problems. All you have to do is to ask Him. Yes, the alternatives are more comfortable to us. We get used to the pills, the surgery, the medical treatment prescribed; it fits in with society,  its culture and expectations. Health so dominates everything.


There is the alternative, not alternative medicine but an alternative person, Jesus Christ the Lord who heals you. Ask Him today. We would be happy to pray with you, with God nothing is impossible.


Jesus can also deal with all the other needs in our lives because when He died He dealt there with the powers of the sin and sickness which so dominate human lives in our generation. Ask the Lord Jesus and he will meet your every need.




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Prayer for healing.

Dear Lord Jesus


Thank you for dying for me and taking all my sicknesses. Please come and heal me from my illness in my mind and body and make me whole just as you did to so many when you were on the earth. I believe that you are able to do this 

because your power is the same today as it always has been.


Thank you