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Aspects of Revival

By Paul Rodway

John Wesley

“The very term ‘revival’ presupposes a declension” declared the lawyer Charles G Finney, who for his emphasis and practice has been denoted the great “revivalist” of the 19th century. Controversial and commanding opposition by the establishment, as will happen when the life of Christ is really manifested, his views were not always well received in church circles either.

He for one, believed that New Testament living is demonstrated and exemplified during these times of revival and it is during these that much

New Testament truth is rediscovered.

A plain reading of the “Acts of Jesus” in, for example Mark’s Gospel, then following, the Acts of the Apostles, would indicate little difference as to the revolutionary quality of living and effect on society between the two situations – rather a dynamic continuity.

The Lord Jesus Christ while on earth, made very clear to His disciples that there was a limitation to His works and ministry and that only when receiving the “Spirit

of Truth”, the “Power from on High”, their life and ministry would be up and running after He had gone. 

The Holy Ghost “Who proceeds from the Father and the Son” – the Spirit and Life of Jesus Himself  - was to inhabit them, so that as He in heaven is the Head so they on earth would be His Body.  What the Head was thinking and purposing, the Body would be accomplishing. 

The Day of Pentecost initiated this with accompanying power, supernatural gifts, healings, deliverances, large scale conviction of sin, conversions etc, under the preaching of uneducated men. 

Church life began in community with “all things in common”, breaking bread from house to house and continuing in the “Apostles’ Doctrine” and prayer.  Normal work stopped, houses were sold, everything was laid aside because of the excitement and glory of what was happening.  “Great grace” was upon them all.  Then persecution and suffering began.  In everyone’s mind, a revival constitutes similar happenings.  The outpouring of the Holy Spirit overwhelms opposition and brings everything back to first principles.

It was also maintained by Finney that workers could not go on in “revival” unless they had a personal “breaking up” before the Lord every few weeks!  The intensity of conviction and presence of the holiness of God and the suspension of normal living has contributed to the breakdown in health of some personalities involved in these times.  “Who

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